A Top Ten List That Matters

Usually when I make top ten lists, it’s for something trivial – like best baseball movies (Major League, the original Bad News Bears, Sandlot, a League of Their Own and Bull Durham tops that one) or best live albums (Four Way Street, The Last Waltz, Bruce Springsteen Live in New York, Stop Making Sense and Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Volumes 1 and 2 top this one). So it’s refreshing to see a top ten list that actually has some substance. This one does. It’s a list of ten terrible tech laws – some pending and some enacted. As with any list, not everyone will agree with every item. I mean, somebody must have thought it was a good idea, or they would never have introduced it in the first place. But it’s a good reminder that well intentioned legislation often comes with unintended consequences. This is especially the case in emerging areas where legislators are unfamiliar.