The ACA – The Only Constant is Change

Shortly after the ACA was signed into law, we started our Benefits InSight Blog.   The law was changing so fast under the ACA that we needed a way to push updates on new guidance out to our clients faster than our historical monthly newsletter.  The tagline for our blog was The ACA – the only constant is change.  So here we are almost 7 years after the passage of the ACA and one of the only things that hasn’t changed is that it is continuing to change.

Since the Presidential election last November, we are frequently asked by employers if they need to continue to comply with the ACA.   While our new Congress has already taken steps to start the repeal process, the ACA is currently still law.  And due to  not having a crystal ball or psychic powers, we aren’t able to tell you what the ACA will look like when Congress and President Trump are done with it.  It could get repealed in its entirety with a gap before anything replaces it or it could be chipped away at.   We also don’t know whether the changes will be prospective or retroactive.

So for now, our first piece of advice to employers is to continue to steer the course and stay on top of new guidance as the law continues to change.  And second, if you are in charge of benefits for your company, put your seatbelt on because 2017 could be a wild ride.