An App Idea

Since I lack all technical skills I will not be able to develop this app on my own. But if anyone has the talent and is willing to help me, please let me know.  But here is my idea.  Let’s develop an app that provides a delay between the time someone types a social media post and the time they actually post it.  My app would be called “you sure?”  because it would literally say those words before the post goes up.       

I mention my idea in light of another high profile person being disciplined as a result of an ill-advised tweet.  This time it was CNN reporter Elise Labott.  She recently tweeted, on her CNN account, this gem: “House passes bill that could limit Syrian refuges.  Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.”  According this report, CNN suspended Labott for two weeks.   

This post isn’t about the underlying issue.  I suspect the folks who read this post will be divided on the Syrian refugee issue.  But unless Labott actually saw the Statute of Liberty bow its head, she had no business inserting an editorial comment in a tweet, especially on her CNN Twitter account.   Her job demands objectivity and her tweet blew that up.    You’d  think people would know better.  But perhaps she was too enamored with her clever comment.  If a little voice had simply asked “you sure?” maybe she would have realized her error.  I think there’s a market here.