An APPtitude Test

Here’s an interesting piece from the Poynter site that caught my attention for several reasons.0 First, it quotes my friend Ashley Messenger, who has a job I would love – in house counsel for NPR. But more importantly it provides some great tips for reporters thinking about using any app that records conversations. 

As the post notes, these apps are popular, because they make it really easy to record conversations. If you have your phone (and when don’t you) you have a recording device. One less accessory to pack up. Nice. 

But some risks to consider:

1.  You might be putting the confidentiality of the conversations you record at risk.  

2.  Because the conversations are stored in the cloud, it’s not clear what state’s privilege law applies if the recording gets subpoenaed.

3.  It’s also not clear to what extent the third party entity that stores the conversation will actually resist the subpoena. 

Ashley recommends doing the unthinkable – reading the terms and conditions of the app. As crazy as that sounds, it’s good advice.