Anybody Hear About That Charlie Sheen Guy?

Just kidding. Maybe the better question is to ask who hasn’t heard about Mr. Sheen in the last few weeks. And I’m tired of it too. I think Craig Ferguson had the best comment. So I’m not going to comment on Mr. Sheen’s condition. But I am intrigued by his threat to sue Warner Brothers and CBS. The lawyer in me can’t help but wonder if he has a case. Here’s an interesting legal analysis:

From CBS News. Lisa Bloom, the analyst, makes an interesting point about the “morals clause” in Sheen’s contract. Apparently it’s a little more specific than the standard clause that prohibits “immoral behavior.” In Sheen’s case, the behavior not only must be “immoral,” it must also constitute a felony. A lawyer has to know his client, right? So, no matter how crazy Sheen’s behavior and rants have become, the morals clause requires a little more. The Warner Brothers lawyers believe that Sheen’s admissions about supplying cocaine to others fit the bill, and it will be interesting to see if that holds up. If it doesn’t, Warner Brothers seems to have a whole lot of other grounds. Here’s the letter from the Warner Brothers lawyers to Sheen setting out their reasons for his termination. Its 21 pages long, but much more entertaining than an episode of “Two and a Half Men.”