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"Art washes from the soul the dust of every day life." - Pablo Picasso

Love for the arts is a part of Graydon’s DNA.  Our history is inextricably intertwined with the history of Cincinnati and as Cincinnati is an arts-loving city, we are an arts-loving firm.  Our people are and have always been passionate participants in the local arts community, serving as board members, donors, organizers, and participants.

Our art collection was curated by Litsa Spanos of Art Design Consultants, whom Graydon engaged early in the redesign process and was an active participant in the vision for our space.  All artwork was created by Cincinnati artists, with the exception of one Indianapolis-based artist, and was selected or commissioned specifically for Graydon's downtown office.  Each piece was chosen for its vibrancy and innovative design, with the goal of creating an office environment that inspires creativity and collaboration.

The pieces are done in a variety of different media, from painting to glass blowing, furniture design to sculpture. As Graydon is focusing on the idea of connections, river and bridge motifs are featured throughout.

Our collection also includes several paintings by Graydon's own Bruce Petrie, Jr., who, in addition to being a first-rate attorney, is a talented painter as well.