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Julie Pugh spent her childhood on the family farm outside Kokomo, IN. It was a working farm where they raised corn, soybeans and tomatoes. Every other week, they’d load a tractor-trailer with hogs to take to market. She was the first girl born on her father’s side in 21 years to the day. She had nine cousins who were boys her age and older. She played football in the mud and went to monster truck rallies with her father.

Her parents signed her up for every sport they could find, just to keep her occupied. Basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, track, volleyball, wakeboarding, waterskiing. She was nine when she learned to slalom. Through high school, she was never not engaged in a sport. She was second in the state in tennis doubles her senior year. The same year playing basketball, she sustained multiple injuries, including sprained ankles, dislocated thumbs, a black eye, and minor concussions. She was not shy about going after the ball.

She is five-nine. In one game, she managed to block out Ruth Riley and get three rebounds. Ruth Riley, who is six-five, went on to play on Notre Dame’s NCAA women’s championship team in 2001 and was MVP in the WNBA 2003 and 2003 championship series. She laughs, “Ruth wiped the floor with me, but I did get those three rebounds.”

“I’ll ask for answers to tough questions, which can be unpleasant – but in the long run, I’ll solve the problem, which makes the client’s job easier.”

Julie has little patience for excuse makers. “People amaze me with the things they come up with in order to avoid accepting responsibility.” She admires those who are somehow impaired but who rise above adversity and succeed. She believes we each have an obligation to make the most of whatever we have.

Her goal is to make her clients’ work environments places where their employees want to work. “My job is to make your job easier – whether you’re a client, a colleague or whomever. If you’re a client, I’ll ask for answers to tough questions, which can be unpleasant – but in the long run, I’ll solve the problem, which makes the client’s job easier.”

Julie practices in Graydon Head’s Labor & Employment Client Service Department. Her practice focuses on client counseling, litigation, and dispute resolution. Julie routinely represents clients before the EEOC, OCRC, DOL, and federal and state judges. Julie also regularly visits client locations to counsel human resources staff supervisors and employees on important legal topics, such as discrimination, harassment, and leaves of absense management. Every year since 2010, Julie has been named an "Ohio Rising Star" by Super Lawyers Magazine.

Julie is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. While at UC, Julie founded the Labor and Employment Law Club, was an Executive Member of the Moot Court Honor Board, was elected to the Student Legal Education Committee, and participated in the Alternative Dispute Resolution club. Julie also earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Xavier University in 2002, where she majored in Human Resources.

Following her graduation from Xavier and prior to attending law school, Julie was a Human Resources assistant at an insurance company and a Human Resources supervisor for a local logistics company. She holds a certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and is the Governmental Affairs Chair of the Greater Cincinnati Human Resources Association.

Julie and her husband, Jeff Pugh, are residents of Delhi. They stay busy chasing after their two sons, Austin and Caleb. She is an avid Xavier basketball fan and enjoys playing volleyball, waterskiing, and running.