Bad Teacher

This is not a review of the Cameron Diaz movie. I hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone too much. But since I didn’t see the film, it wouldn’t be fair for me to review it. But I digress. This post is about a real live New Jersey teacher who got into some trouble from posting this item on her Facebook account: “I’m not a teacher – I’m a warden for future criminals!” Did I mention that she teaches first grade? She apparently wrote the post after one of her first grade students hit her and another stole money from her. Did I mention this happened in New Jersey? An administrative law judge recommended that she be removed from her tenured position because the teacher “demonstrated a complete lack of sensitivity to the world in which her students live.” I suppose having your money stolen by a 7 year old will reduce your sensitivity. I posted a few weeks back about how the NLRB had protected workers who use social media to talk about working conditions on the theory that the posts are protected concerted activity. I don’t know if this teacher is eligible for that kind of protection, though, because her post was apparently on a personal Facebook page, and was not directed to fellow workers. It appears she was just venting. So the lesson here is, know your audience and pick the appropriate forum. Facebook is probably not the best place for teachers to vent about unruly students. That’s what the faculty lounge is for.