Be Master Of Your Domain

I’m not talking about the classic Seinfeld episode. In this case, I’m referring to your domain name. Here’s a paper from a security team at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (aka ICANN) that offers tips for seeking court order to seize or take down domain names. According to the paper, there has been an increase in such seizures recently, in connection with stepped up efforts to battle cybercrime. If the paper is a little too dense to get through, just remember this much. It’s a very good idea to at least periodically check to make sure no one else is using your company’s name in their domain, especially a competitor. You might want to Google yourself (again, I’m not talking about the Seinfeld episode) now and then to make sure. And if you find someone using your name, there are ways to stop it. Your company’s name and your company’s good will are precious assets. Make sure you protect them.