The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (aka FIRE) recently released its list of the 10 Worst Colleges for Free Expression. It’s an interesting collection that cuts across geographic and ideological lines.  Some of the better known schools making the list are Stanford, University of North Carolina and University of Florida.  Some of the lesser known schools include Linfield College in Oregon, Tarleton State in Texas and Collin College, which is also in Texas.

The offenses range from censoring student newspapers to rummaging through faculty e-mail.  Yale University received a Lifetime Censorship Award, which according to FIRE, it earned thanks to its sheer persistence in muzzling speech.  Personally glad to see neither of my alma maters (Miami U. and Notre Dame) made the list.  But I recommend this entertaining and informative article to my readers.

And as we’ve been told since we were children, “don’t play with FIRE.”