Criminally Stupid

I heard a cop one time say that his job was made easier by the fact that most criminals are basically dumb.  And I assume the criminals he was referring to were primarily petty thieves and other low level operators who sloppily left clues, making them easy to track down. I suspect he was not talking about college professors. But in the case of University of Missouri Communications Professor Dr. Melissa Click, he may have been.   

Dr. Click is the professor who achieved some notoriety last year when she tried to “get some muscle” to help forcibly remove a reporter from the campus newspaper away from a gathering of students concerned about the University’s handling of a number of racial incidents.  The student activists had gathered outside on a publicly accessible space on campus in an effort to “be alone” (I am not making this up).  The campus newspaper reporter, Mark Schierbecker was videotaping the efforts of the group to shoo away photographer Tim Tai, when Click decided enough was enough.   

Click (who really should know better) pushed Schierbecker’s video camera to one side and called out for “some muscle.”  Click’s disregard for the First Amendment, common courtesy and logic wound up getting her charged this past Monday with third degree assault charges.  She could face up to 15 days in jail.  

To all of which I say YES!!!!!