Don’t Fence Me Out

Imagine paying for a building, as well as the salaries for everyone who works there, but being shut out of the proceedings there. Kind of infuriating, huh? But that’s the case with the U.S. Supreme Court. Here’s a great piece from the National Law Journal that makes a compelling argument in favor of televising Supreme Court oral arguments. But honestly, the pro television side should win less because their arguments are strong, than the anti television side’s arguments are so weak. Why is it that the Ohio Supreme Court (along with several other states) is able to live stream oral argumentsand still render justice? I’m not asking that cameras be stationed in the conference room when the justices discuss how they plan to rule (although that would be kind of cool). I just think we ought to be able to see what is unquestionably a public proceeding. And that reasonable request should not be denied just because Justice Scalia is camera shy.