Dr. Seuss win copyright dispute


In a copyright case
With a plaintiff named Seuss
The question arises
Just what is fair use?

ComicMix published
A mash up book
And Seuss Enterprises
Called them a crook

The work in question
In case you don’t know
Is called “Oh The Places
You’ll Boldly Go”

Dr. Seuss told the court
It was really quite low
For defendant to copy
“Oh the Places You’ll Go”

But defendant said “Seuss,
Just settle down there
The use that we used
Was entirely fair”

“We mashed up your book
With a Star Trek Theme
We’ve transformed your book
Which was always our dream”

“Our book was a parody
Of your famous work
So dismiss this suit
And stop being a jerk”

“Now truth be told
And this will wow you
Our book won’t diminish
Your book’s market value”

But Seuss said “you’re wrong
We see as we call it
Your copy is putting
A dent in our wallet”

“We’ve licensed our works
For mash ups before
And it’s highly likely
We’ll do that some more”

“And the people we’ve worked with
Have all made the offer
Of licensing fees
Direct to our coffers”

“But you want to publish
Your work on the cheap
And that’s not fair use
You flim flamming creep”

And as things go
It was up to the court
To issue a ruling
In a written report

And the good news I say
For the Enterprise Seuss
Was a finding the book
Was NOT a fair use

With a big federal trial
Next up on deck
ComicMix may be ordered
To write a big check!