Droning On

In what may be a momentous decision, Douglas Trudeau, a real estate agent in Tucson, Arizona, just got some good news from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA approved Trudeau’s request to use a drone for real estate photography. To my knowledge, this is the first time the FAA has granted permission for this kind of drone use. To date, the FAA has prohibited the use of drones for a commercial purpose. 

It’s not clear to what extent this ruling will open the flood gates. But the potential uses for drones are many and varied. Amazon wants to use them to deliver packages. The news media has big plans for their use in news gathering. And certainly law enforcement will put them to use. While it’s not yet clear if all of these drones will block out the sun,

it sure seems like the FAA will be moving toward allowing increased use in the near future.

My only advice for Doug in Tucson, is for God’s sake, don’t use this guy to operate your drone: