AI on the Inside: Defending Against Threats with a Self-Learning Immune System on March 20, 2018

AI on the Inside: Defending Against Cyber Threats with a Self-Learning Immune System

Humans remain the weakest link for many organizations’ security. Whether companies are compromised through targeted spearphishing or an internal policy breach, we must assume the threat is already inside the network. As businesses become more complex, detecting emerging threats across all connected devices and users, including suppliers and other third-parties, is increasingly difficult.

Join Graydon’s Stacy Cole for an overview of recent liability trends and case studies to help identify weaknesses within your organization and Darktrace’s Luke Roberts for a discussion of artificial intelligence’s role in defending against cyber threats by detecting and responding to in-progress attacks before a crisis occurs.

During this seminar, discover how:

  • Recent liability trends apply to your organization
  • The Enterprise Immune System defends against emerging cyber-threats on both enterprise and industrial networks
  • Machine learning and AI algorithms enable intelligent and autonomous threat detection
  • To achieve 100% network visibility, including a live Threat Visualizer demo
  • Other real-world threats, including examples of insider threat and never-seen-before attacks on IoT devices, were mitigated using AI

Please note that this is an invite-only event and all guests must be preregistered to attend. Please RSVP to by Friday, March 16th, or by calling 857-206-3168.