Exit Strategy Planning Seminar

It’s Time to Get “A Round TUIT”! – Exit Strategy Planning Seminar

Please join us for an informative Exit Planning Strategy Seminar to help you get “A Round TUIT.” Planning the sale of a company takes time – often several years. This seminar is focused on how to properly prepare an exit strategy on your terms – 1, 3, 5-10+ years in the future. We guarantee you will walk away with action items you can implement today that will pay off profitably when you do sell.

Gerry Chadwick, Sunbelt Business Advisors of Southwest Ohio
Robert Brown, Graydon
Emir Hodzic, VonLehman & Company
Michele Daniher, Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory

• Determine the Best Time to Sell
• Steps to Add Value to Your Business
• Tax Considerations to Improve Your Net/Net
• Investment & Financial Planning Strategies to Protect the Proceeds

Register online HERE or call 937.866.4611 ext.6.