Every Where I Look There Seems to be a New Wellness Initiative

Lyndsey Barnett

Wellness programs are all the rage these days. All you need to do is walk down the street for a few minutes and you are bound to see someone checking their Fitbit for the amount of steps taken. In the past wellness programs consisted of smoking cessation programs and biometric screenings. But employers are getting more creative these days. As I was going through my daily reading updates today, this article on non-traditional wellness programs caught my attention. Maybe it caught my attention because it was wedged between an article on embedded deductibles and an ERISA case on out-of-network providers (insert yawn here) or maybe it was because here at Graydon Head we have caught the wellness bug with our fresh fruit snacks and treadmill desks. Either way, I find some of the ways employers are getting employees engaged in wellness fascinating.  If you are looking for new ways to incentivize employees to “get well,” this article is worth the read. I think I will forward it on to our wellness committee and suggest they adopt themed dress-up days…although I am still struggling to see how that promotes wellness.