Good Bye to a Good Man

My friend John Borger died yesterday in Minneapolis following a long illness.  John was a longtime media lawyer. I won’t repeat his credentials, as they are provided in his obituary.  But suffice to say, he was a very talented lawyer.


But more than that, John was just a very kind man.  We bonded over our mutual admiration for journalism and a weird ability to retain trivia somewhere in the recesses of our brains.  This was put to great use at the annual ABA Communications Law Forum where John and I would team up for “Journalism Jeopardy.” We were a tough team.


John was apparently a lifelong fan of Superman. So much so that on the day before he died, he donned a Superman t-shirt and with the help of his family and others, went to an indoor skydiving center and took a turn in an wind tunnel that simulated a free fall.  I admired John for his intelligence and his kindness, but I now admire him for loving life until virtually the last moment.


So in John’s honor, a quick Jeopardy round:


A:            John Borger


Q:           What Minnesota lawyer will be greatly missed by all who knew him.