No, I have not gone soft on the Steelers.  This post does not concern them.  I am referring instead to the staff at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who are donating their $15,000 cash award from the Pulitzer Prize to the Tree of Life Synagogue to help them rebuild.

The Post-Gazette won the prize for its coverage of the October 27, 2019 slaughter committed by an AR-15 toting assailant.  These events are all too common place, but the Post-Gazette was recognized for its “immersive, compassionate coverage” of the event and its aftermath.  Apparently, the compassion continues.

I highlight this mainly because I am so sick of the “fake news/lamestream media” crap that fills our social media and conversations.  Media outlets like the Post-Gazette are the rule, not the exception.  And reporters and editors throughout the country spend their days, nights and weekends seeking out and reporting the truth.  The internet trolls who seek to undermine that mission are pathetic.

So thanks to my friends in Pittsburgh for exemplifying what is best about us.