Graydon is Queen City Certified

Graydon is proud to announce its inclusion into the inaugural cohort of Queen City Certified (QCC) as a leader in gender equity. Graydon is one of eight organizations in the inaugural cohort of QCC, and the only law firm represented.

QCC was founded by Nicole Armstrong, a 2018 People’s Liberty Haile Fellow. QCC is the first US-based certification model for gender equity in the workplace. QCC and Graydon are entities that
recognize, promote, and support organizations committed to fostering an environment in which people of all genders can thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

“This was an eye opening process. We learned about areas of opportunity we had not previously considered and were able to validate areas in which we had already made progress,” said Graydon’s Chief People Officer, Shelby Thompson. “It was an honor to be on the ground floor of this important work, the first of its kind. I think this program is going to influence policy change for many organizations in the years to come.”