Hail To The Tweeters Valiant

Thanks to my son Joe for sending along this item. Apparently, University of Michigan athletes are now required to sign a social media agreement that incorporates social media guidelines. The agreement and guidelines have been adopted in the wake of several Twitter issues affecting the Michigan football program. Two players wound up inadvertently committing NCAA secondary violations by sending tweets to recruits who had not formally committed. Michigan wound up backing off recruiting a highly regarded cornerback when he sent out offensive tweets to his 1600 followers (how does a high school kid have that many followers? Or what I’m really asking, is how does a high school kid have that many more followers than me? Could it have something to do with our respective times in the 40 yard dash?) I think the policy makes sense, and I like the way it’s worded – not too draconian, but firm. Some of the comments to the story make it sound like this is the death of the First Amendment, but I respectfully disagree. Oh, in case you were wondering, Notre Dame beat Michigan this year, 13-6. Actually I suspect no one was actually wondering that, but it just feels so good to type that, I couldn’t resist.