Hangover 2 Hung Up On Copyright Claim

I had meant to write about this last week, but just didn’t get to it. The Hangover 2 opened last week with $61 million in box office receipts. But that almost didn’t happen. S. Victor Whitmill, the artist responsible for Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, which prominently appears on the face of Ed Helms in the sequel, asked a federal judge for an injunction to block the opening. Whitmill claimed that the movie’s use of the tattoo violated his copyright. Really. The court denied the injunction, but the judge indicated that the artist may very well recover damages following a full hearing. Really. So where will it end? Here’s an interesting post where some copyright lawyers wonder if a plastic surgeon could copyright a nose job. And, as I like to add at the end of posts like this. I DON’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!