By Jack Greiner

I was honored recently to get second place in the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists 2016 annual awards. My blog — Jack Out of the Box — received second place for “Best Overall Blog.” 

Now, I am well aware that a famous American once said “If you ain’t first you’re last.” And that is hard to argue with. But I will take it. And my purpose for this post is not exclusively to brag on myself. I want to recognize some folks who deserve thanks. Firs,t to my friend Dan Lally, who suggested I give this a try in 2009. A little encouragement can go a long way. Even from an Elder grad.

And thanks to a an unnamed lawyer who cautioned against starting a blog, because “no one ever keeps up with it.” Haters gotta hate as they say, but I love to prove them wrong.

Thanks also to my colleagues at Graydon  who have helped me with this endeavor. This list includes a lot of people, but Pam Lane, Paul Darwish, Jim Whelan and Crystal Ridge come immediately to mind. It takes a village to put out content and they have helped me tremendously.

And thanks to everyone who reads this stuff. It wouldn’t be worth doing without you.

We’ve been going strong now for seven years. Maybe next year, I’ll move up a spot!