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Iconic Conversations — HORAN

As Graydon celebrates its 150th Anniversary, we are proud to shine the light on the clients and community partners that have gotten us to where we are today. Join us, as we get to know some of Graydon’s “Icons,” with these Iconic Conversations.

In our eleventh episode, Lyndsey Barnett meets with Terry Horan, President & CEO of HORAN.

Terry and Lyndsey discuss HORAN’s history since 1948, with Terry being only the 3rd employee in 1971.  To add some perspective, HORAN has 155 employees today, and will be celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2022.  We’ll hear about their mission to provide employees and employers with an atmosphere of productivity and abundance with the products they sell (health insurance, life insurance, and retirement products), as well as how they pivoted during COVID and more!