Is This The Future? reports that a recent free online concert featuring Kiss was a tremendous success. According to the report, the November 25 concert was broadcast live by Ustream. And it drew more than 2 millions views. The event was sponsored by Bud Light Golden Wheat, who obviously observes the motto: “If people will drink wheat beer, they’ll buy anything.” Activision, which makes Guitar Hero, used the occasion to plug its three song Kiss “Track Pack” throughout the show. The event raises a number of intriguing questions. The first one of course, is “Kiss, really are you kidding me?” The second one is, “If you want an encore do you tweet a picture of a lighter?” But more to the point, is this a way to rescue the music industry? Maybe. And there are some advantages to this form of concert. For example, there’s no traffic or parking hassles. And you don’t have to deal with the guy behind you who screams for the band to play “Beth” all night. Or worse yet, when he sings every line off key when they finally play it.