Kind Of Saw This Coming

Here’s a piece I found recently that poses the question whether you need an investigator or a lawyer if your electronic data has been breached. Given that the article was posted on, it is probably not a big surprise that the answer is a lawyer. And given the ever developing legal landscape in this area, it is hard to argue with that conclusion. There are 46 different state laws that dictate what a company must do in terms of notifying compromised customers. And while there is no overarching federal law yet, the banking and health care industries are subject to regulation in the area. And of course, the FTC has the ability to get involved if a company’s response deviates from its privacy policy. That’s considered a deceptive practice. So yes, there’s probably good reasons to get a lawyer. But an investigator can’t hurt. And it also won’t hurt to consider attending a Webinar that Graydon Head is presenting at 12:30 Wednesday March 27. We call it “Data Privacy – The Risks for Your Business” and we’ll be covering not only the risks, but the best practices for avoiding or limiting them. Still room for you. Contact Lauren Martin, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to sign up!