Let The Sun Shine

That’s not just a song from the musical “Hair” made popular by The Fifth Dimension (yea, I’m kind of old). It’s apparently the mantra for Ohio Representative (and former TV news reporter) Matt Lundy, who is challenging Ohio Governor Kasich’s efforts to keep the dealings of his new JobsOhio nonprofit corporation private. Lundy has introduced a bill called “The Taxpayer’s Right to Know” Act. The bill would simply require that public-private partnerships (like JobsOhio), be deemed public entities subject to Ohio’s Public Records Act and Open Meetings Act. That means more accountability, but really shouldn’t paralyze such bodies. There are lots of exceptions in both laws that would protect trade secret and other sensitive data. And the notion that job creation is just too important to be bogged down by, you know, the law sounds like an end justifies the means argument. And those never end well.