Levels Of Communication

I don’t know if any one has been to the American Express Small Business Open Forum site yet, but I really like it. Here’s an article that falls into the category of “kind of obvious, but a good reminder.” It’s about the five levels of communication in a wired world. The point of the article is that there is not one “right” method of communication. E-mails and text messages are perfect for some matters and not so great for others. Having tried cases, I know that one problem with any written communication is that you’re stuck with the words. And if those words are removed from their original context, that can be a problem. Most people seem to understand that e-mail and text messages may not be the best platform for sensitive matters. But that doesn’t mean you never use those platforms. I have clients who genuinely prefer to get information via e-mail, and they don’t appreciate lawyers who insist on a “more personal style.” It really depends on the content and the audience. And while that’s kind of obvious, it’s not a bad idea to reiterate it once in awhile.