Lindsey Lohan Is Not A Milkaholic

Lindsey Lohan has filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against E*trade based on this:

The commercial is one of the “talking babies” series. In this one, the stock savvy infant is explaining to his girlfriend that he was too busy building his online portfolio to call her the night before. The girlfriend asks if he was with that “milkaholic” Lindsey, who thereafter appears on screen asking “milkawhat?” Lindsey’s last name is not provided, and she looks and sounds nothing like Lindsey Lohan. Presumably, Lohan believes she is so well known that she has become a single named star, along the lines of Oprah and Madonna. Either that or she feels she is so associated with substance abuse issues, that she assumes the public will connect her even with the heretofore unheard of condition of “milkaholism.” Good luck with that. Personally, I think she is milking the legal system. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.