There is apparently an animated short film at this year’s Sundance Film festival called “Logorama.” This article calls it “the Sundance movie no lawyer should see.” Here’s a description of the film from that post: “An evil Ronald McDonald goes on a shooting spree on a street overflowing with 7-Elevens and U-Hauls and Wal-Marts and Pizza Huts. The Michelin Men are bumbling, foul-mouthed cops on his trail. Bob’s Big Boy picks his nose and flings it on an unsuspecting victim.”

So why shouldn’t lawyers see it? According to the article, the trademark/copyright issues would give us hives. Not so sure about that. The film seems to be protected parody, and frankly, it’s unlikely any viewer would be confused about the affiliation of the various corporate entities. In any event, the trailer is below. Lawyers, feel free to cover your eyes.