Making Stuff Up

I have a friend named Bob (last name withheld) who makes stuff up. But I am okay with that, because he weaves the made up stuff seamlessly in with the truth in a way that enhances the quality of the narrative. And it’s not like he’s committing fraud or anything like that – his web of deceit is harmless. And often hilarious. 

He came to mind as I was readingthis piece from the Washington Post. Apparently, it’s pretty common for scripted TV shows to make up names for popular products like “Apple” (a show on Nickelodeon features an “iPear Store”) “Google” (aka “NetRangler” in an episode of “Dexter”) and “Facebook” ( “YouFace” in “30 Rock”). 

The writers (and more likely the network suits) figure it’s not worth a cease and desist letter, or worse yet, a law suit from a company who’s not amused by having their name or logo made fun of or disparaged. Hence, the practice of making up names. My friend Bob would fit right in.

And by the way, if I see a reference out there to a blog called “John Freed from the Container” don’t think you’re fooling me for a second.