Maybe They Could Both Lose

Those of you have read this blog for a while know that I hate the St. Louis Cardinals. I won’t rehash all the reasons, but they are numerous and valid. Does this make me petty? Perhaps. Does that stop me? No. So, I am following the legal throw down underway between former Cardinal Albert Pujols and fellow former Cardinal and former radio talk show host Jack Clark. Clark lost his job on a St. Louis radio sports talk show when he said that a former trainer told Clark that the trainer had injected Pujols with performance enhancing drugs in 2000. Clark called Pujols a “juicer.”

Pujols filed a libel suit and now Clark has responded with a motion to dismiss or clarify. Apparently the motion contends that the term “juicer” has many meanings, including “in its most innocent sense, one who liquefies fruit and fruit pulp for oral consumption.” Oh. OK. That’s it. Clark was just saying Pujols liked to make apple juice.

The motion goes on to say that Clark never gave a context as to what was being injected. I mean, “performance enhancing” could be Viagra. Maybe that was it.  

Here’s some video of Clark’s lawyer. Can they both lose? Please?