More Complaints Over Political Ads

We all pretty well knew that after the US Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizen’s United case – the one that gave more freedom to corporations and union to spend money on “issue ads” – that we’d see more political advertising this year. And we have. And that increased advertising has led to an uptick of legal challenges to those ads, where candidates seek relief from inaccurate advertisements. Here’s an interesting article by my friend Gregory Korte on that very subject. And that subject is hitting close to home, as an organization called the Susan B. Anthony List has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Ohio seeking to overturn an Ohio Elections Commission ruling prohibiting the group from erecting billboards accusing Representative Steve Driehaus of supporting taxpayer funded abortions. And in the politics makes strange bedfellows department, the ACLU has filed a brief in support of the pro life group. Interesting.