Old Songs May Haunt

In a post from yesterday, I linked to a song by the Fifth Dimension and noted that in so doing, I admitted I am old. But I’m not this old. It seems that the Kling Corporation holds the license to the theme song from the Texaco Star Theatre – a program popular in the 40’s. Kling is suing CBS for a copyright infringement based on the use of that theme song in an episode of “Family Ties.” Yea, that show. The one with Michael J. Fox as an obnoxious teenager. So what’s up with a lawsuit now, considering the show ran back when parachute pants were in style? Well, it seems that Family Ties had a license to use the song in the original broadcast, but somebody forgot to have the license cover videos and DVDs. So now that the series is available on DVD, Kling wants a separate license fee. The statute of limitations does apply, but Kling is still able to sue for any infringement that occurred in the last three years. Given that the statutory damage award for a willful infringement is $150,000 per violation, it’s probably worth the fight. No doubt Alex P. Keaton would think so.