Patently Ridiculous

I saw this post today and I assume it is for real.  In short, the National Organization of Women Foundation sent an open letter to  the President of the University of Virginia demanding that President Sullivan take steps to put a stop to the a defamation lawsuit filed by Assistant Dean Nicole Eramo against Rolling Stone Magazine.  The suit arises from Rolling Stone’s botched investigative report on an alleged gang rape of a student known only as “Jackie.”  The organization demanding that the suit be dropped believes the suit will further victimize “Jackie.”  

“Jackie’s” account of the night has been debunked in a number of material ways by the Columbia Journalism Review.   And it appears that Assistant Dean Eramo, who comes off in the article as an unfeeling, soulless bureaucrat, may have a very legitimate libel claim.   And the idea that her boss – President Sullivan — should somehow force Eramo to give up her right to clear her reputation is absurd.