Radio Daze

I had a great time last week co-hosting a radio show on WAIF, Cincinnati community radio. My friend Bill Thompson co-hosts the show, which is called Blue Snakes and Banjos. I have no idea why It’s called that. But in any event, Bill’s regular co-host was out of town and I got the nod. The shows have themes, and ours last week was live albums. I played some of my favorites – Four Way Street, Jackson Brown Solo Acoustic, Stop Making Sense and The Last Waltz. Great fun.

But it occurs to me that I missed the obvious theme – songs about lawyers. So help me out readers. In case I am invited back, I want to come up with a solid line up. I’ve got Lawyers, Guns and Money,  Lawyers in Love and I Fought the Law . I’m sure there are more out there. This is your chance to help me out. Thanks!