Really Bad Teacher

I posted yesterday about a teacher in News Jersey who was fired for referring on Facebook to her first grade students as “future criminals.” Turns out, she was not the worst teacher I read about this week. That honor goes to Christie Wilt, and her aide, Kelly Chaffins, who teach in Ohio’s Miami Trace District. They were caught on tape making unbelievably nasty comments to a 14 year old developmentally disabled student. And who taped them? The student. Her mother hid a recording device on the student to obtain evidence of the verbal abuse, which had been going on for some time. And in case you’re wondering whether the student broke any laws in taping the teachers, the answer is no. Ohio, like the majority of states, is a “single consent” jurisdiction. That means as long as one party to the conversation consents to the taping, that party can tape without disclosing that the conversation is being recorded. So the student’s consent was all that was required. Tough luck for the bully teachers.