I occasionally step away from legal topics in my blog.  Today is one of those times.  And I do it to pay a tribute to Christine McVie, who died last week at the age of 79.  I’m not sure I’d list Fleetwood Mac on my top five list of bands, but I am able to recognize genius, and McVie was that.  Think about Fleetwood Mac, and I suspect one of her songs will pop in your head.  Like maybe “Don’t Stop”?  Or perhaps “You Make Loving Fun”?  How about “Everywhere” (and if you’ve been watching TV much lately, you probably have heard this one on Chevy ads lately)?  Here’s a list of a dozen songs that you can probably sing along with.

Of course, for me I will always think of “Songbird” when I think of McVie.  It’s just hard to think of a better love song.  There are great songwriters, great musicians and great singers. McVie was all three – a truly rare package.