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Economic Development Services

Economic Development Services

If your company is looking to expand operations on-site, renew a lease or is seeking a new location, Graydon has the expertise to assist. Graydon’s Economic Development Services team (GEDS) offers extensive experience pinpointing the best business location for success.  Think of the myriad of factors that go into a sound expansion or new location decision:

  • What are the labor force skills and availability?
  • How reliable and costly are water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications utilities?
  • Can the community’s transportation resources meet your supply chain metrics?
  • What are the state and local government-imposed taxes and fees?
  • Is the site/building adequately priced, located, managed, serviced etc. to meet your needs now and into the future?
  • What financial incentives are available and how difficult are they to utilize?

There are many boxes to be checked in this infrequent business decision for your company. Graydon will accept this challenge as your trusted and reliable partner on a fixed-fee basis and will deliver exemplary service.

If your community would like to amp up its economic development game, Graydon would love to work with you. We have experience advising communities on how to prepare for, and successfully address, impending economic development activities.

The Graydon Economic Development Services team is led by Daniel E. Tobergte, J.D., CEcD, a 33-year veteran with regional, state, national and international economic development experience. Graydon offers extensive economic development services to enhance negotiation leverage, minimize capital investment, decrease tax and real estate costs, and manage ongoing compliance for incentives.

Example services include:

Site Selection
Business climate assessment
Labor market characteristics
Unionization factors
Employer interviews
Supply chain & logistics analysis
Infrastructure assessment
Natural disaster risks
GIS analytics and mapping
Job Creation Tax Credits
Tax Abatements (PILOTS)
Discretionary grants
Foreign Trade Zones
Sales & use tax rebates/credits/refunds
Special tax districts
Training grants and subsidies
Utility rate concessions
Expedited permitting
Forgivable/low-interest loans
Tax Increment Financing
Opportunity Zones
New Market and Historic Tax Credits
Industrial Revenue Bonds
Economic Development
Strategic Planning
Organizational frameworks
Executive search
Board relations
Media relations
Existing industry programs