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While no two marriages are the same, if you decide to divorce there are certain matters that will need to be addressed. The result at the end of the process should be that you are in the best possible situation for the start of the next part of your life. Often this means working through financial issues, and if children are involved custody and support matters. An attorney can help with this. Graydon Family Law understands how important the outcome of this process is to you.

Just how assets and debts will be divided in a divorce depends on your particular circumstances. In the state of Kentucky, the assets that either party to the marriage accumulated during the union will be divided. While some cases are relatively straightforward, other times determining just what qualifies can be difficult. This is particularly true in high net worth divorces.

When children are involved it will be necessary to establish custody and visitation. While joint custody is generally favored, ultimately the best interest of the children will be taken into consideration. Once custody is established, child support can be determined. Among other things, the parenting-time arrangement reached will have a bearing on the amount of child support one parent will pay the other.

Regardless of whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we can help you through it.