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Government & Municipalities

Government & Municipalities

When you take out your petition for a local elected office, no one tells you that your emails will become public or that a simple zoning variance can lead to angry confrontations repeatedly broadcast on public access TV.

And they certainly don’t tell you that so-called “taxpayer lawsuits” can create years of distracting and expensive litigation that can keep you from your civic goals – and become issues in the next election.

The key is having the right kind of legal help on the front end.

Graydon prides itself on keeping those who have been called to public service out of court whenever possible.

Our attorneys have spent decades working in – and for – government entities at all levels. From complex zoning issues to sensitive union contract negotiations, Graydon has a deep bench of specialized and experienced governmental talent.

Our approach is a holistic one – legally on-point, politically aware and attuned to the unique budgetary constraints all public entities face.

Put simply, we get it.

You’ll want us on the dais with you at public meetings. And you’ll appreciate having our cellphone numbers when after-hours questions arise.

At Graydon, we advance a notion which is apparently radical is this day and age: Public servants should be able to serve the public.


Leave the rest to us.