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Litigation (Government & Municipalities)

Litigation (Government & Municipalities)

No other Greater Cincinnati-based firm possesses Graydon’s level of experience representing municipalities in both state and federal court.

Our attorneys have successfully beaten back civil rights claims, employment claims and so-called “taxpayer lawsuits” of all stripes – as well as multi-billion-dollar claims against a public pension fund.

We have also gone on the offensive for local municipalities, fighting for rightful damages in national class action litigation.

Despite these courtroom successes, Graydon attorneys still view litigation as a failure of the system.

Our aggressive style of up-front negotiation – and careful counsel regarding the passage of new legislation – often keeps our municipal clients out of the courthouse. In our view, the avoidance litigation often constitutes a bigger win than a favorable jury verdict.

That said, Graydon attorneys aren’t afraid to fight. But we’re keenly aware that public entities face intense scrutiny whenever they enter the legal system, regardless of the nature of the dispute. This awareness informs our every pleading and telephone call.

We are proud to say that our public clients are also our partners. And this is never more the case than on those unfortunate days when they find their names on a lawsuit.