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Craft Breweries & Distilleries

Craft Breweries & Distilleries

Beer and booze.

They sit at the very heart of Greater Cincinnati’s civic identity.

From the German immigrants who settled Over The Rhine to the oft-bearded millennials who currently call it home, many of our homegrown entrepreneurs have made their living through beer and whiskey production.

Today, that tradition runs stronger than ever – and spans both sides of the river.

Graydon is the only local firm that lists a former professional brewer among its ranks. Our attorneys know the world of brewing and distilling from the inside, and have worked with both kinds of businesses at all levels of production.

We understand the byzantine state liquor laws which often make work in this field such a challenge. And we specialize in working through the land use and human resources issues which are unique to this industry.

Above all, our attorneys have a passion for breweries and distilleries.

We developed this passion the hard way, with untold hours spent on barstools and in tasting rooms, refining both our taste and our industry knowledge.

This passion is the intangible which separates us from us firms who purport to advise breweries and distilleries. It’s also what keeps our advice so honest, practical and affordable.

MRI scans of our livers available upon request.