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Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning

Family businesses have been the foundation upon which Graydon was built over 145 years ago. We've assisted countless business owners to develop and implement successful plans to preserve and ensure the perpetuation of their company for generations to come, all the while minimizing the impact of estate taxes on their hard-earned assets.

Attorneys with experience in tax, estate planning, retirement planning, employment law, securities and financing, along with business attorneys, work together to assist these businesses and owners in preparing for the seamless succession of the ownership and management of the business and the transfer of wealth associated with the business.

Services in this regard include:

  •  Working with owners to design a structure for succession
  • Planning for retention of key employees who are not owners or family members
  • Assisting the owners in balancing the needs of different generations and resolving intra-family conflicts
  • Estate and retirement planning, including charitable tax planning

Graydon has also been actively involved for many years with the Goering Center for Private and Family Business, which is a valuable resource for family businesses throughout the Greater Cincinnati area as they plan for the succession of ownership and management.