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Individual, Estate & Trust Tax Planning

Individual, Estate & Trust Tax Planning

Protecting your family is your number one priority.

Safeguarding your family’s interests and financial security is a concern we share with you. We have worked hard to earn clients’ trust and confidence in these matters and work closely with clients to plan and implement personalized strategies to safeguard family interests and preserve wealth for future generations.

We frequently counsel clients in establishing and perpetuating gifting programs, coordinating with existing business and investment entities and, often, creating new ones. We also regularly create and work with our clients' limited liability companies, closely-held corporations, limited and general partnerships, and limited liability partnerships to enhance asset management while making the most of transfer-tax savings through gift-tax valuation-discount techniques.

Whether you are making lifetime gifts to family members, planning the transfer of your business to the next generation, or making arrangements for your retirement, we can help you. Our goal is to identify and deal with issues to prevent them from becoming problems.

Working as a team with all of your advisors, we will work with you to create an estate plan that gives you peace of mind and protects your family. You and your family deserve nothing less.

  • Advising clients on pre-death gifting options to minimize current gift and future estate tax liability
  • Planning for a smooth transfer of family assets, while minimizing potential tax liability
  • Protecting your assets as you enter into new business and personal relationships
  • Resolving beneficiary and guardianship disputes
  • Deferral, minimization and/or elimination of estate taxes
  • Leveraged use of gift tax exclusions and credits
  • Leveraged use of the generation-skipping transfer tax exemption
  • Preservation of privacy in the settlement of your estate
  • Simplification of the estate settlement process
  • Successful passing of your family business on to the next generation

To learn more about the many structures and strategies we use to develop sophisticated and effective tax plans for our clients, contact one of our attorneys today.