Cincinnati.Com carried an article today concerning a lawsuit filed on behalf of a teenager who committed suicide allegedly as a result of a “sexting” incident. The teen had taken nude pictures of herself on spring break and emailed them to her boyfriend. The boyfriend emailed them to other folks and the images began to circulate among the girl’s classmates. The suit alleges that eventually the teen was subjected to harassment and name calling. The lawsuit names the school, the city of Montgomery and several students for their alleged role in the suicide. Essentially the lawsuit complains that although the teen told the school and a Montgomery Police officer about the photos, they did nothing to stop the abuse. We don’t know all of the facts, and it’s hard to say what will emerge in discovery. But in one respect, it’s hard to see exactly what the school could have done. To the extent the teen reacted to the online publication of the photos it seems like the suit is holding the school responsible for failing to stop the viral phenomenon that began with the boyfriend’s decision to share the photos. But that’s what makes it viral. Once it’s out there no one can pull it off.