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Brian W. Fox

A hardcore University of Cincinnati sports fan, Brian runs Bearcats Sports Radio and enjoys close relationships with lots of UC coaches and personnel.

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Back in his high school Junior Achievement days, Brian Fox was assigned to sell spaces on a Monopoly-inspired board game named after his hometown, Avon, Indiana – a game the kids called Avonopoly. Brian sold $3,000 worth of advertising to local businesses in hardly any time at all.

His economics teacher was impressed at Brian’s gift of persuasion. He told Brian he’d be a fool not to chart a career path where he could put that skill to work.

“So I went on to sell the Gospel – early on, at least,” Brian says.

Brian is the younger of two. His dad is a retired factory worker, General Motors.  His mom was officer manager of an Indianapolis law firm.  She used to take drafts of Brian’s high school papers to work.  The attorneys would give them a read and mark them up.  He remembers thinking how cool it was that these busy lawyers thought enough of him to help him in that way and, in effect, invest in his future.

But before he ever considered a career in law, his sights were set on being a preacher. His ability to get others to see things from his perspective, along with a gift for speaking directly, simply and from the heart, played well to preaching.

Throughout his undergrad years at what’s now called Cincinnati Christian University, he had high regard for effective speakers and talented preachers. His fondness for the spoken word, a smart turn of a phrase and the art of persuasion runs deep.

“When I’d hear a great sermon delivered well and with authority, it made me believe,” he says.

He preached his first sermon at the age of 20 at a church on the west side. By his mid-20s, people were saying he was actually pretty good, considering he was so young and all.

“It was a case of, ‘You’re a great speaker, but … ’ Talent does not a good minister make.  It requires being able to share wisdom.  I hadn’t accumulated much of that by my mid-20s.”

Having admired the many Indianapolis attorneys that made a difference in his life, he applied to law school in pursuit of his childhood dream. Turns out, his experience in the pulpit has served him well.  He remembers his first closing argument, delivered at the end of a big case in a rural Ohio county courthouse.  The client was pleased with the outcome.  In the hallway afterward, the client remarked that Brian seemed awfully young to have gathered the experience needed to craft such a compelling closer.

“The client asked, ‘You must have been doing this for a long time, right?’ I said, not exactly, that was my first closing argument in front of a jury.  But I explained that, in my former life, I was a preacher.  He laughed and said, OK, yeah, that makes sense.”

Relying upon his extensive litigation background, Brian provides strategic counsel to businesses and individuals out of Graydon’s Corporate Counsel Practice Group. Having “first chaired” numerous bench and jury trials, Brian has significant trial and courtroom experience across the State of Ohio. That courtroom experience has positioned him to advise clients to anticipate conflict by soundly structuring business relationships and transactions with an eye toward risk.

Brian received his law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, and served as a judicial clerk for the Twelfth District Court of Appeals in Middletown, Ohio. Prior to joining Graydon, Brian worked for several years at one of the largest firms in the Midwest.

Brian has experience providing legal advice to businesses in the following areas:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Entity Formation and Dissolution;
  • Business Transactions and Franchise Disputes;
  • Non-profit and Religious Institutions;
  • Breach of Contract and Shareholder Derivative Actions; and
  • Commercial Lease Agreements and Litigation.

In addition to his business experience, Brian has spent a great deal of time advising the State of Ohio, local governments, and school districts. He currently serves as the appointed Law Director for the City of Madeira. He provides advice and strategic counsel in the following areas:

  • Eminent Domain;
  • Charter Schools;
  • Public Records Requests;
  • Ohio’s Sunshine Laws;
  • Zoning Compliance and Litigation; and
  • Constitutional Questions.

Beyond his law practice, Brian remains very involved in his community. He teaches Business Law at the University of Cincinnati, Carl H. Lindner College of Business, and was recognized on the Dean’s List of Teaching Excellence. He also serves on a number of nonprofit boards, including the Board of Trustees for Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School, the Board of Directors for BLOC, and the President’s Advisory Board for Cincinnati Christian University. Recently, the Butler County Board of County Commissioners unanimously appointed Brian to the Port Authority Board. The Port Authority is the economic development tool for Butler County, working to bring jobs and tourism to the County while assisting local partners with business retention and expansion. Brian was appointed to serve as the Commissioners’ appointee on the Port Authority Board for a four year term, beginning August 31, 2016 and lasting through August 30, 2020.

Last (and certainly not least), Brian is active with his three sons, Baylor, Hudson, and Grant Patrick, raising all three to be avid supporters of University of Cincinnati athletics. Brian is the founder and owner of Bearcats Sports Radio – www.bearcatssportsradio.com, which covers UC athletics.