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Catherine M. Gorman

Catherine loves hiking with her rescue dog, Aspen. For his part, Aspen seems to genuinely enjoy any activity that provides the opportunity to sneak a few bites of grass.

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Like most of us, Catherine Gorman aims to do lots of traveling – just not to the usual destinations.  She wants to visit places where she can learn how people in other cultures live and where she might be able to give something of herself.  Like the time she went on a high school service trip to Cambodia.

“I worked in an orphanage for three weeks.  It was incredibly eye opening.  We take so much for granted.  The children there didn’t have any of the basic necessities that we take for granted here in America.  Many were missing limbs from the mine fields.  I was worried language would be a barrier, but it wasn’t.  All they wanted was simple affection, and it was easy to give.”

The idea of giving comes up often in a random conversation with Catherine and is one of the reasons she likes being an attorney. “It’s a great job to have if you like helping people,” she says.  Via the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, she mentors a girl who just graduated from high school and who now works at Kroger.  Catherine is helping her think about other, perhaps longer-term career options.

“She’d like to do hair, so we’re thinking of finding a receptionist job at a salon to jumpstart her career in cosmetology.”

Catherine grew up in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, the daughter of two attorneys.  Her mother practices. Her father has a business buying old cars – he recently bought two 1966 Broncos – and restoring them. Thanks to her father, Catherine too has a passion for cars.

Her dad’s father was a key figure in terms of what drives her career-wise.  Born in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, he was a small boy when his family moved to Cleveland.  He went on to win a basketball scholarship to Kent State University and, later, gain acceptance to Yale Law School.

“He worked constantly and very hard and became successful as a result.  He got an in-house job with a major defense contractor and very quickly worked his way to CEO.  Everything he got, he worked for.  I learned from his example how important it is to have a strong work ethic, to never quit and that you really have to put in the work to reap the rewards.”

Her rescue dog, named Aspen, is mostly beagle, dalmatian and collie.  Catherine pulls up a photo on her phone of Aspen striking a regal pose.  “Last summer, on a whim, my boyfriend and I went to a SAAP adoption day … I picked her up and held her and said I’m not going home without this dog … to think of a dog not being loved breaks my heart.  If I could afford a house full of rescue dogs, I would do it.  In a second.”

Catherine loves hiking, is easy to talk to, and enjoys trying new restaurants and cooking anything pasta or seafood.  She doesn’t seek to be a center of attention and likes the way Graydon works.

“I feel incredibly lucky to work in a place that values people – the attorneys who work here, the clients and the community at large. Everybody gets to know each other on a level much deeper than the surface -- and the attorneys here treat their clients the same way.  The value Graydon places on community service and involvement really sets it apart from other firms.”

Catherine practices in the areas of real estate and corporate law and is a member of the firm’s Commercial Real Estate and Business Services practice groups.

With a passion for real estate, Catherine counsels in the areas of leasing and dispute resolution and has experience drafting purchase contracts, leases, easements, and a variety of other instruments connected with the transfer of commercial real estate.

Catherine is a 2019 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. While in law school, Catherine interned for the Honorable Judge Susan J. Dlott in the Southern District of Ohio and worked in-house at a local corporation assisting counsel with various business needs.

Catherine earned her B.A. in Strategic Communications with a minor in Business Legal Studies from Miami University in 2016.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Catherine now resides in downtown Cincinnati. In her free time you’ll catch her trying out new recipes in the kitchen, trying out new restaurants, and going on hikes with her dog, Aspen.