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Daniel J. Knecht

For Dan, the Horseshoe League is a family tradition: on any league night you’ll find as many as five Knechts pitching. He prefers an undisputed ringer but will settle for a solid leaner if the game is close.

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Dan Knecht (the “K” is pronounced) is of the generation that grew up with cable TV. He says he doesn’t know what life was like before people had access to 50 channels. Among his early influences was Comedy Central, back in the pre “Daily Show” days when the channel was mostly one standup comedian after another.

Dan says that may be where he gets his sense of humor, from watching standup comedians for hours on end -- also from his father. Most of Dan’s jokes are aimed at himself. He supposes that’s because as a kid always involved in athletics, he recognized early on that he didn’t have an abundance of natural talent. So he learned to use humor to follow up a less than, well, graceful physical performance with a dash of low-key, self-deprecatingly comedic je ne se quoi.

Here’s an example. Dan is six-foot-six. “Most people my height can dunk a basketball. I just don’t have the ups. In high school, I could dunk a tennis ball.”

He has, however, always had a knack for the less traditional sports. Dan says he is a tough match on a ping pong table and also throws a mean cornhole bag. He grew up water skiing and is now working on improving his horseshoe game in a local league.

Dan grew up in Finneytown, the middle of three siblings and the only boy. His mother has been a hospice nurse for more than 15 years, and his father retired from management after 35 years at UPS. Dan says he’s like his dad in that he’s easy going, and he’s a funny guy. He says he’s like his mom in that he is competitive and has a stubborn streak. Family is a big deal to him. He grew up with Sunday dinners at his grandparents’ house. His role models were his dad and his dad’s brothers more than someone whose name you might have heard before.

Even before he went off to college, he had an interest in law. But he took a job out of undergraduate school with the world’s largest distributor of music CDs. Apple had just introduced the iPod and iTunes, so the world of music CDs had a couple more years before it would implode. Dan left shortly before that happened.

“I watched an industry die. And I learned that even if you have good people, and we did, you really have to anticipate. You have to think ahead of the curve.”

He left the music company in 2007 to study law at the University of Cincinnati. His fan loyalties lie with the Bengals and the Reds. “What can I say? I’m a hometown guy.” He also loves live music and considers himself much more of a Rolling Stones guy than a Beatles guy.

He defines greatness in an attorney in this way: “You can’t think at the beginning you know what the answer is. You don’t want to deliver an answer -- you want to deliver options. And you never want to give yes or no answers. You want to give ‘Yes, but … ’ or ‘No, but … ’ responses, so the client has options. Ultimately, it should be the client who makes the decision, not the attorney.”

Dan's practice is focused on the areas of Complex Business and Construction Litigation. Prior to attending law school, Dan worked as an Operations Manager for a music distributor headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Before joining Graydon, he also worked as a Project Manager for a claims administrator where he managed the administration of complex mass tort settlements.

Dan is a 2010 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law where he earned his J.D. He also earned a B.S. in Business from Indiana University 's Kelley School of Business in 2005. As a Cincinnati native, Dan is glad to be practicing in his hometown and currently lives in East Walnut Hills with his wife, Cicely.

Since coming to Graydon in 2011, Dan has leveraged his project management skills to help steer complex commercial and construction litigation matters to positive resolutions. He has helped execute e-discovery collection and review programs for massive document populations in complex multi-party construction suits. He has also assisted with developing and managing thorough testing and remediation programs in construction claims litigation involving developers, retailers, and contractors with national footprints.

Dan was also part of the team representing Bill Yung, president of Northern Kentucky based Columbia Sussex Corporation, when Kenton District Judge Patricia Summe awarded the Yungs a $100M judgment against Grant Thornton.