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Frank M. Schultz

A crazy dreamer, Frank often lets his mind wander while sitting across the street from his front door, where he has a second-to-none view of the Queen City.

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Frank Schultz is the type of person who, when a question occurs to him, will follow the digital trail on the Internet to whatever subject has piqued his curiosity until he looks up and realizes it’s 2:36 a.m.

“When I’m curious about something, I have to get to the bottom of it.  The other day, it was brick masonry.  I’d like to own a bunch of land someday somewhere in Northern Kentucky, and it would be fun to know how to build my own brick house or barn foundation or smokehouse.  The information is there.  You just have to look for it.”

He also is a lucid dreamer, which means that when he’s dreaming, he realizes it’s a dream – but it still feels like a dream in that it can have little or nothing to do with the constraints of reality. Furthermore, he has the ability to control the dream’s outcome.  “As a kid, I used to love going to bed because I knew I would have some crazy dream.”

Frank is from Ft. Mitchell, KY.  His father, also Frank, grew up in the Deep South and served in the Marine Corps during Vietnam.  His mother, Sonia, was born in India and immigrated to the United States at age 16.  She has worked as an executive in the banking business for 30-plus years.  Frank uses words like “unbelievable” and “blessed” to describe his parents.

“My dad was pivotal in my development when it came to sports.  Most importantly, he taught me hard work, dedication and perseverance.  My mom stressed the importance of academics. She always made sure that school came first, and she taught me how to think critically.”

Frank went to school at Beechwood for thirteen years. He still hangs with the same circle of friends he made in kindergarten.  He played center and nose guard for Beechwood’s football team, which won back-to-back state championships in 2007 and ’08.  As a Miami University undergrad, he was on the school’s rugby team and played again at Notre Dame Law School because he still had a year of eligibility.

In his free time, Frank prefers to be outside.  His father instilled in him an abiding love of the outdoors, of trap shooting and, in particular, of fishing.  He has been fishing for walleye off Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie, surf fishing for blues at Cape Hatteras, crappie fishing at Paint Creek Lake and many other piscine types in many other watery settings.

“Many times, you don’t catch anything.  Which is OK.  It’s just good to be out there.  No worries, no phones, no emails.  I can’t think of many things better than fishing on a chilly quiet morning when nature’s waking up but most people are still sleeping.”

Other Frank facts: He can arch an eyebrow like nobody’s business.  He also can wiggle his ears and is happy to demonstrate while arching his left, then his right eyebrow in rapid succession. Frank also loves to cook and is deeply interested in U.S. history.  He has traced his family history back 1,000 years.  One day, he’d like to be on the Beechwood school board, so he could make sure kids coming up get the same opportunities he had.

Frank joins Graydon’s litigation group.  He is grateful for the chance to work at a firm that’s invested both in its clients and its attorneys.

“For a young lawyer, a key to development and lasting success is having mentors who care about you.  They have to care – they can’t bill that time. Here, there’s a willingness to help.  That’s the attitude with everyone I’ve met – from the senior partners to the paralegals to the administrative staff.  I’m in a great place.”

Frank’s legal practice consists primarily of commercial and intellectual property litigation. He has experience in matters ranging from complex business disputes to trademark and copyright infringement. Frank takes the responsibility of representing his clients’ interests personally. He believes in zealous advocacy to help his clients achieve their goals.

Prior to joining Graydon, Frank clerked for a Federal Magistrate Judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, in Louisville. During this time, he assisted in drafting numerous court opinions, ranging from trademark infringement to breach of contract. Frank also worked closely with the Judge to assist parties in settlement negotiations, and helped to successfully mediate many cases that were set for trial.

Frank earned his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School, where he was awarded the Dean’s Award for Negotiations and was a member of the Asian Students Association. While in law school, Frank participated in Notre Dame’s Community Development Clinic, where he successfully advised start-up companies on how to avoid the risks and tax penalties of expanding their businesses into new markets. Frank was also an Academic Mentor for the Notre Dame Football Team, and competed for Notre Dame’s Rugby Team.

Frank holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH. During his time at Miami, Frank received dean’s list honors, served as Pledge Class President for the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, was a member of the Indian Students Association, and played for Miami’s Rugby Team.

Frank is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Kentucky Bar Association.